Teaching innovation in control of mechatronic systems

Project No. 042TUKE-4/2012

Start of project: 2012
End of project: 2014


Annotation of project:

The main goal of the project consists in a building up Robotics Laboratory oriented to control of robots drives and multi-axis systems in general. The laboratory will be completed by stands serving for teaching sensor systems and communication busses that are used in industry automation. The second goal of the project consists in improving students' skills in field of programming microcontrollers and digital signal processors (DSP). Here the aim is to develop a comprehensive programme in which the undergraduate (bachelors') students would master fundamentals of microcontroller programming and as follows, in the following studies the graduate students (leading to master's degree) would extend their knowledge by programming DSP and by ability of developing control programs in MATLAB/Simulink environment with a possibility to transfer developed code directly into the processor. We also want to enhance attractiveness of work with processors by small physical (natural) models of mechatronic systems, subsystems of vehicles and by small power converters, in which the students will be able to verify functionality of debugged algorithms. To the physical models and robots there will be designed and developed reference virtual models including electronic documentation for individual work also outside of the laboratory. The models will be completed by interfaces enabling their connection with the computer, so that they could by used also for teaching HIL control and simulations. The third goal of the project presents a support of gifted students and students' teams in their preparation and participation in technical competitions.


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