Teaching innovation in control of mechatronic systems

Project No. 042TUKE-4/2012

Publication outputs:

Ismeal, Godem A. - Fedák, Viliam: Overview of control algorithms for DC motor drive as a basis for development of GUI in MATLAB. 2012 Miskolc : Miskolci Egyetem, 2012 : ISBN 978-963-661-773-8 [50%]

Lacko, Milan - Girovský, Peter: Simulácia meničových systémov v prostredí OrCAD/PSpice a MATLAB/Simulink. 2012 Košice : FEI TU, 2012 : ISBN 978-80-553-0890-6 [100%]

Fedák, Viliam - Balogh, Tibor - Záskalický, Pavel: Dynamic Simulation of Electrical Machines and Drive Systems Using MATLAB GUI. 2012 Rijeka : InTech, 2012 : ISBN 978-953-51-0750-7 [50%]

Fedák, Viliam - Bačík, Ján: Hardware Design for State Vector Identification of a Small Helicopter Model., 11th Int. Conf. on Industrial, Service and Humanoid Robotics. Robtep 2012. Štrbské pleso, 14-16.11.2012, Applied Mechanics and Materials [50%]

Fedák, Viliam - Bačík, Ján: Využitie vývojového grafického prostredia LabView pre efektívny návrh algoritmov senzorického subsystému malej bezpilotnej helikoptéry., ATP Journal [50%]

Implementation outputs 1:

1.1 - Workplace of robot SEF after instrument panel reconstructed

1.2 - Calculation of reference for motion of the axes using a virtual model of an industrial robot

1.3 - Hexapod built based Bioloid kit

1.4 - Triaxial testing system with gimbal

Implementation outputs 2:

2.1 - MasterBook Skoda Superb after installation and recovery in the laboratory

2.2 - Teaching aids with adaptive headlamps of Skoda Superb

2.3 - Model of continuous production line

2.4 - Bosch Electromobile Race 2012, Miskolc (HU)

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